Soulland ss20

Soulland ss20 show at St. Thomas Plads in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen.

I’ve always been a big fan of the brand Soulland, and their Scandinavian designs. I’ve also always been a fan of Silas Adler, since my uncle introduced me to his work years ago when he was first starting out doing designs on T-shirts in the more skater style, and I now really like his work as a creative director for the brand. I’ve here gathered some looks from their latest show at copenhagen fashion week. I really like the pastel colors, and clean designs mixed with the patterns that’s still kept in dimmed colors. Super classy and cool at the same time. I especially love look 1 and 4! And I would love to own the jacket from the last look!

Streg Cph (Rabat kode)

Gave fra Streg Cph

Jeg har været så heldig at modtage denne super fine stof pose fra det københavnske brand Streg Cph. Streg Cph tegner deres egne designs med fokus på kropspositivitet, diversitet og almenhed. Et super fedt koncept og lige nu kan du få 15% af dit køb ved at bruge koden EMILY15 på deres webside, hvor du også kan læse lidt om tankerne og følelserne bag de fine designs. Og så er muleposerne ud over at være super fine btw også lavet i økologisk bomuld.

Streg Cph webside: HER! 

Vogue August 2019

Photographed by Annie Leibovitz for Vogue August 2019

I love the warm earth colors in these styles. All classic that I would definitely wear on an autumn day!

… And breath

My god, it’s been ages since I’ve written something like this. I used to write personal postes on my blog more often but for some reason writing down anything emotional” these days makes me feel so tense and I end up deleting everything. Recently my heads just felt a bit all over the place.

I know some (not all) of the places where I’m going wrong, but the truth is that it’s so fucking hard to acknowledge that the person that actually is damaging you, is yourself. And with that said it’s not all on me and I know that, sometimes things happens that you have no control over what so ever, but still it’s hard not to blame yourself.

To be honest, over the past months, my self care has been almost non-existing. I think dealing with things changing in my personal life, moving to a new city, school and the same old health crap I’m always dealing with and me for some reason trying to ignoring it all, has just made me feel a bit overwhelmed!

Sometimes life gets in the way, and is totally out of your control, and I think that’s exactly what’s happened. I had a few weeks that was super busy and I got so overwhelmed that I couldn’t consentrate on ANYTHING else and that just gets to my body right away.

So the plan moving forward right now for me is to take a step back and prioritise doing more things that I actually like doing. I’m getting more into Instagram and blogging again cause that is honestly what I think is fun and what I enjoy doing, and also trying to take better care of myself and my body.


Long open back dress

My long black summer dress is frem NA-KD and its so comfy. I love the details with the open back and open sides.. although you need someone next to you on boob watch at all time hahah 🙂