Kanye & hes kids for Harpers Bazaar

Harpers Bazaar has made 6 different covers for their magazine this month, with 6 different musicians and their children with the headline The first families of music. The covers are of everyone from Bruce Springsteen to Kanye West to Christina Aguilera to Erykah Badu, so you can very well say that the different music genres from rock, pop and rap are all covered. I initially fell upon the cover stories when I saw the picture off Kanye West with hes to oldest kids North and Saint on Instagram. I really liked the picture and immediately both liked and clicked on it to find out what the pictures was taken for, which of course turned out to be Harpers Bazaar. So I just thought I’d share my thoughts and (of curse) most importantly the picture with you guys. I honestly think it’s such a sweet and adorable yet still stylish and fashion magazine friendly picture.

All of the 6 different Harpers Bazaar covers of the musicians and their children are really good and you should definitely go check them out – which you can do HERE!  For me there was just something special about Kanyes cover so that’s why that is the one I’ve chosen to share with you!

Cute coffee shop vibes

I went to this cute bakery/ coffee shop the other day and just had to take a few pictures. Beside the good iced coffee, I really love the interior in this place. All the furniture and interior was so nice! You all know I love the simple down to earth colors, so this place was very much my cup of tea… I’m also very much in love with the magazine stand!