Dressed in all black on a cold december day


I am on my way to a family Christmas lunch with is going to be lovely and nice to see everybody. It’s bloody cold outside at the moment though! You can really feel the winter breeze coming though….

It could all be so simple


A couple of days ago I went to see a concert (do you really see or do you hear a concert… hmm both guess) with non other then Ms Lauryn Hill! I am a huge fan of both The Fugees and of Lauryn as a solo artist. I mean every time someone ask my about my favorite artist or favorite song of all time my answer is always Lauryn Hill with either Lost Ones or X-Factor so this was huuuges for me!! I’m really so happy that I got to see her and I’m diffidently going to see her again another time if I get the chance!

Beyonce for Vogue September Issue 2018

I’m still totally in love with Beyonce’s cover and picture series in this years Vogue September issue. Beyonce is obviously such a naturally beautiful woman and she always looks amazing. But there’s just something special about these specific pictures. She just looks so natural and healthy, I mean she’s literally glowing! Also the worm colors, the flowers and the beautyful pattern in the clothes all just works well together and gives the pictures a worm feeling that catches the eye and gives a rest that makes them nice to look at. LOVE.