Todays outfit

Todays outfit: Dress and heels both from Zara, which I didn’t actually realize until writing this! But Zara is one of my favorite shops and where I buy a lot of my clothes so it does make sense!

I (as you probably has noticed) don’t wear a whole lot of color so this dress is a little out of my comfort zone, but I do honestly really like it. When I do wear color I like to wear either blue or red, and though theres also other colors in this dress the blue dominates a lot so that makes me feel more comfortable! I’m also really into the kind of ‘Kimono look’ at the movement , so that combined with the flower print makes this a really nice summer look I think 🙂


7 thoughts on a sunday

I thought it would be nice here just before a new week begins, to sum up a few things that we should all remind ourselves of more often. I’m pretty sure these things are issues a lot of us have… It’s not always easy being nice to ourself and most of the time we are our own worst critic! Which is why I thought of 7 things we all sometimes need to remind ourself of! I hope you like them…


Mirrors is can be our best friend – or is more like a frienemy? I mean they can also be our worst enemy, especially when we get as close as possible, and study our pores, impurities, fine lines and what not. That’s a recipe for bad self esteem right there! The truth is that if you look hard enough, you’ll probably find something that doesn’t look like a photoshopped model, because we’re actual human beings, not photoshopped models.. No one will ever stand 1cm away from your face and study it, so neither should you!


Another thing thats typical for us, especially girls i’d say but maybe guys as well is worrying what other people think of us and our appearance. But the truth probably is – everyone else is also busy worrying about themself and their own appearance! So what is the point really?


If you compare yourself with a perfect picture on social media – you will compare yourself with something that doesn’t exist(!) and you might as well compare yourself to one of the many disney prinsesses drawn by Walt Disney. A pretty picture on Instagram is just that – a pretty picture, not a representation of reality. For all you know, the girl on the picture could’ve taken 300 similar ones and picked the prettiest one, edited the shit out of it and put on several filters to look as pretty as possible.


Even though it’s easy to think that your life would be complete if you had the money to buy everything you want, and trust me I’m not judging at all I like most people do this myself – that’s just not how it works.. Materialistic things will probably give you pleasure and satisfaction for a day or 2 tops, then you get over it, and start focusing on the next thing you want, and fell like you need to make yourself fell good. There seriously is no real happiness in things!


..and thanks for that! Not everyone have a thigh gap, and not everyone have a six pack.. It’s just the way it is – we’re all made differently, and we have different physiques. It doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with you!


..because it’s hard to be happy when someone is mean to you all the time! And truth is, most of the time that person being mean to you is not someone from your school, your work, your family or what else.. That person being mean to you is you!


We need to stop rejecting compliments! Why exactly do we do this? When someone says I’m looking pretty or anything nice really I hardly ever take it in and most of the time I’m just smiling, but thinking to myself ‘you have to say that’.  Just say thank you and appreciate it.Truth is they don’t have to say it so if they do they’re probably not lying!

Comfy Wednesday

Loose dress, oversized jumper and vans… I don’t think it get any more comfy…

My outfit this Wednesday: Long T-shirt dress: American Fit Jumper Zara Shoes Vans Sunglasses Weekday Big Earrings Zara

Lines and shadows

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Processed with VSCO with b5 preset

Theres something about the lines and shadows these stairs make. I don’t know what it is exactly, but theres just something cool looking about it and I can’t help but wanting to photograf it. It’s kind of the same thing I said about the picture I took of Copenhagen central station  I mean its just stairs, it’s so simple, yet theres something about it, the graphic lines and calm surface… I also really like the building in the first picture. The brick walls and the big windows. To me it kind of looks like a old factory building or something like that! It’s a very cool looking building which actually is is a sports center, and people were playing football behind those big windows while we were taking that picture 🙂

It’s ok to have a bit of a slump

Sometimes it’s okay to hit a bit of a slump. I have one of those days today and have had for a couple of days to be honest, but you know what… That’s ok. Sometimes that happens and I’m sure that everybody have those days sometimes. It sucks, but it happens and most of the time you have no control over it what so ever.

So what is the correct way to react and handle it all when you hit that slump? Honestly…. I have no idea! I don’t know what the experts would recommend and honestly I’ve stoped listening to them a long time ago. It might be stupid, but it might as well be the smartest ting I have done. What I’ve realized over the years is that everyone is different and everyone have different ways to deal with a situation. So what you need is to figure out what works for you…

I feel like for me lately I have been in sort of a creative, let’s say, block… I’ve had allllll of the ideas but when it’s come down to the actual doing part, I’ve just felt totally overwhelmed by everything. It’s kinda like I have all the thoughts, all the creativity flowing, and all the excitement, but at the same time I am feeling totally swamped, and therefore just ended up doing absolutely nothing…

And to be completely honest all of this probaly comes from something deeper which I’m not going to go too much into…. I’ve talked a little about these things before, with stress and not worrying so much  (Click the words) which is someting I’m still dealing with a lot of the time….

What I like to do is to go out for a little bit and do some tings that makes me happy and not think about anything stressful even if its just for a breath moment. Yesterday I went down to the city center with a friend, took some outfit pictures, looked around for a bit, I got an impulsive idea to get another hole in my ears (and did it) Just little things like that is nice to do, just to get a little air and get your mind of things for a while.

Anyway I’m totally aware that this has turned into a post where I’m practically talking to myself and probably not making to much sens and I’m okay with that cause these are just some (late night)  thoughts, I just hope you haven’t minded joining me on my personal thoughts too much…

Having a shitty week can sometimes give you the space to start a bit fresh, clear your head and come back thinking ~ I got this ~ So that’s where I am now…and to be honest all I really want do is to do more.. Make more and create more… And I’m trying to tell myself that: I got this…  you got this, WE got this. Haha