Spike Lee in Gucci

Just thought I’d share this picture I’ve had saved in my phone for a while now. It’s a picture of actor and film director Spike Lee in houndstooth coat with New York Yankees patch from Gucci Fall Winter 2018. I really love this photo. It’s giving me kind of a throwback feeling which  is a compliment for me. Love the coat, love the pattern, love the picture!

Gourmet Pizza with a Nordic touch

I went out for pizza the other day, at a place in Aarhus called Melværk. They describe themselves as gourmet Pizza with a Nordic personality. I got a pizza with potato and truffle salsa and it was honestly really delicious and I’d say the place is worth a visit if your in Aarhus and in the mood for some “fancy” pizza!

Insta lately

It’s been a long time since I’ve made one of these “Insta lately” posts, so I thought it was about time. Remember you can follow me on Instagram as well at itsemilyeileen.

New highlights

I went to the hair salon a couple days ago. My roots had grown to long so it was time for some new highlights. I used to dye my hair platinum blond which I really loved, but it was too much for my hair after I got sick again. So now I’m going all in on taking care of my hair, which  has helped a lot. I now get highlights blended in with my natural hair color, and I actually really like it. What do you think?