If I should choose only one brand to wear for the rest of my life, I would without doubt chooseTheRow. I’m honestly obsessed with close to everything that they do. If you are not already familiar with the brand, it’s Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen’s brand which they are both owners and designers of. I’m, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned before (I know I defiantly have on instagram), a huge fan of the Olsen twins and have been for as long as I can remember. They are (together with Pernille Teisbæk) my biggest style icons, and the ones I look up if I need some inspiration. It’s kind of crazy to think about actually, but they have been my style inspiration since I was a kid. First I was a fan because of their movies and now I love their clothing lines. I guess we’ve just always kind of gone in the same direction. Anyways, I love The Roe’s style. The clothes is very classic/timeless, and beautifully feminin and lady like yet very businessy. Always in simple, matte, earth palette colors, Simply perfect, in my opinion. They definitely go for the saying ”Less is more” and I love it. I have here gathered some pictures my favorite styles form their latest collection, but I’ve put a link after the pictures for The Row‘s website and the full collection.

So this was as Mentioned my favorite style from the latest fall 2020 collection, but I think the whole collection is so beautiful, so make sure to check it out right HERE!