Dreamy white interior

Minimalism and dreamy white interior. If you’ve been following this blog or my Instagram (itsemilyeileen) I think it’s pretty clear what I like when it comes to interior. Minimalism and natural colors. I’ve been posting interior inspiration before eg HERE.

I’ve gathered some more interior pictures that I find inspiring, stylish and that I’d love (and wish) to have as a part of my own home.

Classic Toteme stripes

I love these striped Toteme shorts. I’ve been a big fan of the brand Toteme and Elin Kiling (the founder) for many years. I love that the items are designed in simple and Classic lines and colors. Really beautiful pieces.

Beige color wave

Beautiful surroundings in Frederiksberg garden. Frederiksberg garden is probably my favorite park in Copenhagen. It’s such a beautiful place, that reminds me of a park that could be located in Paris! Im standing in front of the apistemple. A beautiful small Roman temple located in the garden. I love the marble looking pillars and walls, so beautiful.