French nails & Kate Moss

I’m  wearing my Kate Moss t-shirt from Anine Bing which I really love. I’ve always been a fan of Kate Moss – I mean she’s an Icon! So this tee was a must have. Otherwise my outfit was very casual with jeans and converse. (More text under the pictures)

I got my nails done this day. I got French nails witch is a bit more natural then what I normally get. My go to is mostly a red or pink, but I was just in the mood for something else this time. Not more classy because red nails are as well, but just more… calm maybe. Anyways I’m really happy with the result! I think they’re really beautiful! Definitely not the last time I’m getting French nails!

Spike Lee in Gucci

Just thought I’d share this picture I’ve had saved in my phone for a while now. It’s a picture of actor and film director Spike Lee in houndstooth coat with New York Yankees patch from Gucci Fall Winter 2018. I really love this photo. It’s giving me kind of a throwback feeling which  is a compliment for me. Love the coat, love the pattern, love the picture!

Gourmet Pizza with a Nordic touch

I went out for pizza the other day, at a place in Aarhus called Melværk. They describe themselves as gourmet Pizza with a Nordic personality. I got a pizza with potato and truffle salsa and it was honestly really delicious and I’d say the place is worth a visit if your in Aarhus and in the mood for some “fancy” pizza!

Insta lately

It’s been a long time since I’ve made one of these “Insta lately” posts, so I thought it was about time. Remember you can follow me on Instagram as well at itsemilyeileen.

New highlights

I went to the hair salon a couple days ago. My roots had grown to long so it was time for some new highlights. I used to dye my hair platinum blond which I really loved, but it was too much for my hair after I got sick again. So now I’m going all in on taking care of my hair, which  has helped a lot. I now get highlights blended in with my natural hair color, and I actually really like it. What do you think?