Long polka dot dress

Long polka dot summer dress from N-KD and sandals from &Other Stories.

Khaki jumpsuit og store øreringe

Khaki jumpsuit and big earrings kind of day! Jeg er Vild med jumpsuits, det gør bare det hele lidt nemmere ikke? Det er ligesom en kjole, nemlig bare 1 enkelt item og så har du et helt outfit! Jeg har valgt at add’e et par solbriller og nogle store øreringe, hvilket jeg føler giver det sidste og ligesom fuldender looket!


Everyone that knows me, knows that I’m a sucker for old school hip hop music AND t shirts with prints of that on! I bought this Run DMC T-shirt in Wasteland which is a small secondhand| Vintage store in Copenhagen, witch if you are looking for a T-shirt with an 80~90s artist or band, is the place to find it.

Fringe jacket on the staircase

Just casually sitting on the staircase in my fringe jacket, reading fashion a magazine… As you do. And the magazine cover was toootally accidentally matching with my outfit haha

What do you guys think about fringe jackets? I must be honest and say that I have kind of mixed feelings. Mostly I really like them and think that they look super cool. I think its just because they are kind of out there and not something a lot of people wear at the moment. This one I have had for a few years now and I really like it, I love the nude color, and I think its a different piece  of clothing, compared to other items I have but not too much. 

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