Strength is so important in life, that’s why I got it tattooed on my hip 2 years ago.

Accessoires de Chanel

Some beautiful (and cool) accessories from Chanel. I really have a soft spot for the Parisian fashion house! It was the first fashion brand I really looked into as a young preteen, I watched so many movies and documentaries about Coco’s life and I even talked about her in my final 9th grade exam!

Wales Bonner

Speaking in the space around words… Wales Bønner featured in an editorial for The Face Magazine.

Covid kisses

Corona kisses with vogue magazine and mr. and mrs Bieber! I love that everyone (a lot of people anyways) is putting attention on how important it is to wear a mask in these times! Maybe not when you’re kissing, but when you’re out in public…. And don’t kiss people you don’t know lol!