Window seat

This is the spot. In my flat I have a nice wide windowsill. where you can sit and keep an good eye on everyone else on my floor, haha. No but seriously it’s actually a really nice spot, in the summer you can open up the window and your ”basically” outside. And in the winter you can sit inside where it’s nice and warm and look out on the rain, which I differently think theres something really cozy about.

My lovely warm and cozy knit is from Zara.

Red was always my favorite color

Well as a kid it was anyways… I don’t know if I really have a favorite color now tbh, I most of the time just wear black and white, which pretty much is the colors of my home as well beside some light wood. But if someone askes me about my favorite color I always says red because it always was as a child and teen. And I still love the color red, I think it’s a beautiful and very powerful color. The color red is very interesting if you think about it in a emotion related way because it’s on both ends of the scale. I mean, it is a color that stands for both Love and Hate! 

Jacket Kendall and Kylie Heels Zara

Eurowoman November 2019

I thought i’d share a few pictures from the latest issue of Eurowoman. I really love this cover and picture series! I just think it’s super beautiful. I especially love the close up black and white photo where she’s looking to the side, with the sunglasses on and the pearl Chanel necklace, super cool and beautiful. 

Autumn vibes

Autumn, the season of fallen leaves and pumpkin spice.. I like the autumn season tbh, the leaves in all kinds of different pretty red and brownish colors, it’s colder but not freezing yet, snuggling sweaters… it’s just a very cozy season. I had a discussion with someone the other day about the name of this time. They said I sounded old calling it Autumn instead of Fall haha, I don’t know I just think autumn sounds good. What do you guys call the season? Hope you all have a lovely and hopefully not too windy and cold day.