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Slow morning

And don’t we all enjoy them? The mornings where you don’t have to do anything in a specific time, but you can just relax, get up, get some breakfast and a cup of coffee.. All in your own time.

Outfit choice of the day

My outfit choice for today (actually yesterday but who’s counting haha) was my favorite dress at the moment from Asos, but then it was a bit to cold and very windy, I guess that’s the first signs of Autumn coming through. So I added this blazer jacket from COS with I really love! I feel like it’s very classic and pretty in the design, but still very wearable in an everyday setting as well. I also feel like you can add a pair of black boots to almost any style and it can pretty much make the outfit, so that was exactly what I did by putting on these boots from Pura Lopez. My perl hair clip and long earrings are from House of Vincent. See previous post for more details HERE!

House of Vincent


Jeg har modtaget de her fine, fine øreringe og super søde hårspænde fra det danske (Århusianske) smykke brand House of Vincent. 

House of Vincent er et ur- og smykkehus, der med sit grafiske afsæt inviterer
indenfor i et univers hvor klassiske silhuetter, eksperimenterede æstetik og
rendyrket kvalitet forenes i en treenighed af eklektisk simplicitet.

Jeg er rigtig glad for både hårspændet og øreringene som jeg er sikker på at jeg kommer til at få brugt rigtig meget. Øreringene er fra deres ss19 kollektion og jeg er vild med deres på samtid både rå og feminine look!

Du kan se meget mere til de fine smykker på deres webside: HER