Trench coat on a windy day

If you’ve been following this blog for a bit, you probably know my love for classic basic items by know, such as a trench coat. On this day I was wearing my trench coat with a pair of nude ballerina shoes, a black dress, and my little black Valentino bag.  I was at a event at Best Seller with my very good friend Kokob Who just finished her education with them.

British Vogue (Dec. 2019)

Isis Jiménez Nieto for British Vogue December 2019. I just thought this was a beautiful photo. Isis has such a beautiful strong face that fits perfectly with this beautiful over the top couture dress.

Black dress & white sneaks

Little black dress and white sneaks. Easy, simple but stil stylish and probably one of my favorite outfit styles that I could just live in doing the summer….


French braids & leather jacket

French braids and leather jacket kind of day.I don’t wear my hair in French braids (or any kind of braids for that matter) very often, but I actually do really like it. For me French braids fits both children and adults, where normal braids can often look a bit more childish. You can do so much with braids as well… Maybe I should where them more often?

A modern trench coat

A  modern spin on the classic camel trench coat. You all know that I love my classic items, and something you should definitely always have in your basic closet is a camel colored trench coat! I also just really liked these 2 pictures and wanted to share them. Clich HERE to see my earlier post about trench coats…