Pastel love

DRESS: Designers Remix SHOES: Zara SCARF: A vintage one I got from my mum.

I just loove the old buildings and cute colors in the small old streets of Copenhagen. So pretty. And the feeling and vibe on a sunny summer day, with people sitting outside on the cafe’s and looking around one of the many small shops and vintage shops or just enjoying the sun and Copenhagen streets is just so lovely.

Smukke plakater fra Linie Linje

Sponsoret / I samarbejde med Linie Linje!

Jeg har været så heldig at modtage disse 4 smukke plakater fra Linie Linje. Jeg syntes plakaterne er så fine og jeg er vild med de enkelte og stilrene linjer der passer perfekt ind i mit hjem! Nu skal jeg bare have fundet ud af hvor de skal hænge 🙂

Kawasaki relaunch!

Sponsored/ In collaboration with KAWASAKI 

I remember back in my start teens I absolutley loved these shoes, and even had them in different colors. So when I heard about them relaunching and got the chance to get a pair of the new models, and tell you guys about them I was genuinely really exited! And let me tell you… Still as comfortable as back in the day!

Blue dress

Blue open-back summer dress. I bought this blue dress on Asos last summer (its their own brand) and it’s really been one of my favorite dresses ever since. Everyone knows I’m not really one to wear a lot of color, but I really love this marine-blue 🙂