Blue leather

My friends tell me that I wear to much black, so here I am in a blue leather jacket. No but seriously, I actually really like this jacket and color. I’ve had it for a while actually and I think its really nice 🙂

Jacket and pumps: ZARA Dress: NA-KD

Trench Coat season

I looove a trench coat! My style is very simple and classic, and if I should pick out a few must haves for my own (and everyone else’s) closet, a trench coat (preferably in a camel color) would diffenently be one of them. So if you should find something positive about the weather getting a bit colder? That means Trench Coat/ Jacket season! I have here gathered a few pictures of some different trench coat looks for inspiration.

Walk on Moons

#Sponsoreret // Jeg elsker en oversized sweatshirt! Og jeg har været så heldig at modtage denne super cool en af slagsen fra Walk on Moons. Ud over deres cool designs så laver Walk on Moons deres produkter i bæredygtige genbrugsmaterialer! So what’s not to like? Jeg er i hvertfald super glad for min sweatshirt og kan allerede se mig selv bruge den rigtig meget.