Victoria Beckham for The Guardian

New interview with talented and always beautiful Victoria Beckham for The Guardian. She talks about how she juggles running a global fashion brand and her ‘personal‘ life with four children and one of the most scrutinised marriages. Very interesting if you are a fan of the former Posh Spice’s fashion career! You can read the interviwe HERE!

Also, I actually do like the colors in the picture taken for the interview. Normally I’m more into warm earth colors or black and white photos, but the green actually works quite nicely here. Especially the close up one. Very simpel, natural and beautiful.

Beyonce for Vogue September Issue 2018

I’m still totally in love with Beyonce’s cover and picture series in this years Vogue September issue. Beyonce is obviously such a naturally beautiful woman and she always looks amazing. But there’s just something special about these specific pictures. She just looks so natural and healthy, I mean she’s literally glowing! Also the worm colors, the flowers and the beautyful pattern in the clothes all just works well together and gives the pictures a worm feeling that catches the eye and gives a rest that makes them nice to look at. LOVE.

Kanye & hes kids for Harpers Bazaar

Harpers Bazaar has made 6 different covers for their magazine this month, with 6 different musicians and their children with the headline The first families of music. The covers are of everyone from Bruce Springsteen to Kanye West to Christina Aguilera to Erykah Badu, so you can very well say that the different music genres from rock, pop and rap are all covered. I initially fell upon the cover stories when I saw the picture off Kanye West with hes to oldest kids North and Saint on Instagram. I really liked the picture and immediately both liked and clicked on it to find out what the pictures was taken for, which of course turned out to be Harpers Bazaar. So I just thought I’d share my thoughts and (of curse) most importantly the picture with you guys. I honestly think it’s such a sweet and adorable yet still stylish and fashion magazine friendly picture.

All of the 6 different Harpers Bazaar covers of the musicians and their children are really good and you should definitely go check them out – which you can do HERE!  For me there was just something special about Kanyes cover so that’s why that is the one I’ve chosen to share with you!

Rob Raco for Boys by Girls Magazine

I love this series of Rob Raco for Boys by Girls magazines june issue. I love these ‘earth colors’ and shadows, its so calm to look at. Theres also  something very 90’s about the fashion and the poses in all the pictures which I also love..

See all the pictures and read the interview on Boys by Girls website HERE!   


Prince Nikolai for Dust Magazine




BL_DUST_F12 001

Prince Nikolai of Danmark who made his modeling debut earlier this year just landed his first magazine cover. And I have to say that I really love this series. I love the worm colors with the red shirt and the sunlight coming through the window, mixed with the very couture pictures in black and white. Very simple beauty and very calm to look at without being boring. I’m a fan and I can’t wait to see more from the prince and to follow his modeling career which so far looks very promising.

The pictures are taken by the very talented photographer Brett Lloyd who is a photographer I only recently discovered on social media actually, (how 21 century, haha) but who’s work and photographs I really love and find very cool and inspiring!  For the 13th issue of the London based art and fashion magazine DUST.