Sun kisses

Outfit for a warm summer day. Can you ever go wrong with a white shirt and denim shorts? I don’t think so. And today was so warm I mixed it up with a bikini top underneath, so you can wear the shirt both open and closed. Or just the top for that matter!

Checkered blazer and red nails

Checkered blazer jacket, blue jeans and ballerina shoes for a sunny day. We finally have a bit of sun in Denmark which has been amazing. I can honestly feel my whole mood change for the better when the sun is out and the weather gets warmer.

I also went to the beauty salon and got my nails done, in a classic red color (as always lol) Last time I got my nails done in a different color and my friend looked at me and said FINALLY lol, but now we’re back to red!

At Israels Plads

Israels Plads in Copenhagen is one of my favorite hang out spots in Copenhagen. Maybe not so much this time of the year, but in the summertime it’s a great place. People are playing ball, skating, just hanging out, bringing a cup of coffee over from Torvehallerne! And it’s in the middle of the city so it’s close to everything as well. I used to go the scoop just a couple streets away (2-3 minutes) and walked passed everyday. If you are visiting Copenhagen I’d recommend you go visit Israels Plads, also it just looks cool so it’s worth a visit.

Black dress & white sneaks

Little black dress and white sneaks. Easy, simple but stil stylish and probably one of my favorite outfit styles that I could just live in doing the summer….


French braids & leather jacket

French braids and leather jacket kind of day.I don’t wear my hair in French braids (or any kind of braids for that matter) very often, but I actually do really like it. For me French braids fits both children and adults, where normal braids can often look a bit more childish. You can do so much with braids as well… Maybe I should where them more often?