Fringe jacket on the staircase

Just casually sitting on the staircase in my fringe jacket, reading fashion a magazine… As you do. And the magazine cover was toootally accidentally matching with my outfit haha

What do you guys think about fringe jackets? I must be honest and say that I have kind of mixed feelings. Mostly I really like them and think that they look super cool. I think its just because they are kind of out there and not something a lot of people wear at the moment. This one I have had for a few years now and I really like it, I love the nude color, and I think its a different piece  of clothing, compared to other items I have but not too much. 

Shoes &OtherStories Jacket Moves ……


Outfit for a day in town

I was adding a bit of color to my outfit by wearing a scarf around my head. I love  a simple black and whit look, but sometimes I also like to give it just a hint of something colored like shoes, nails, a  hat or like here a scarf. Shoes Pura Lopez, Jeans Na-kd, Knit Free People.

Big jacket love!

I love a classic coat, and I’m totally in love with this long one from H&M!

Navy blue love

I’m feeling blue. I am wearing this super comfy and warm oversized cardigan and my great grandmothers beret. Love hats, and I think that a hat can really give a lot to an outfit. Lately I’ve been really liking berets and every time I see one they make me think of my great grandmother. My great grandmother who I was lucky enough to have for a big part of my life always used to wear berets and had them in nearly every color. She was super stylish and of course would need different colors to different outfits. She was as I said super stylish and would every time she went out (even if it was just to do grocery shopping) put on make up, style her hair, make sure her clothes was matching, and also matching with her hat and leather gloves. I really love that and I really loved her and her style, so I’m super happy my mum and grandmother have saved most of her old beret hats and gloves that I can now use, and match with my clothes and style.

Cardigan and boots: & Other Stories Bag Valentino

Suit and pumps

You never go wrong with a black suit and a pair of cute pumps, right? I love a simple, timeless outfit which a suit definably is. And then I put these cute multiple colored pumps with it, to kind of break the all black look. Classic with a twist.

Suit: Tiger of Sweden Pumps: Kurt Geiger Crop Top: Zara