Slow morning

And don’t we all enjoy them? The mornings where you don’t have to do anything in a specific time, but you can just relax, get up, get some breakfast and a cup of coffee.. All in your own time.

Madonna for british Vogue june cover

I love these black and white pictures of Madonna taken for her british vogue for an interview she did for their june issue. She did the interview talking about motherhood and ageism related to her 60th birthday. You can read the interview HERE 

I have to be honest and say that I’m not such a big fan of Madonnas ‘newer’ music and how she is now, but i do loove her older music (especially the American Life album) And what ever you think of her, if you like her and her music or not, I think that we can all agree that she’s a legend. 

It could all be so simple


A couple of days ago I went to see a concert (do you really see or do you hear a concert… hmm both guess) with non other then Ms Lauryn Hill! I am a huge fan of both The Fugees and of Lauryn as a solo artist. I mean every time someone ask my about my favorite artist or favorite song of all time my answer is always Lauryn Hill with either Lost Ones or X-Factor so this was huuuges for me!! I’m really so happy that I got to see her and I’m diffidently going to see her again another time if I get the chance!

Cute coffee shop vibes

I went to this cute bakery/ coffee shop the other day and just had to take a few pictures. Beside the good iced coffee, I really love the interior in this place. All the furniture and interior was so nice! You all know I love the simple down to earth colors, so this place was very much my cup of tea… I’m also very much in love with the magazine stand!